Services include;

He effectively and efficiently fixes the following problems;


* Return lost love no matter lost for how long

* Fix love,marriage,gay & all relationship problems

* Have the love of your life or dream

* Financial fix expert

* Helps you to get a house, car, job and any property of your dream

* Have you worked for many years but see no money? or does money just pass through your hands

* Delayed work by other traditional healers

* Financial/debt problems/money into account, borrow  amagundwane for 24 hours to get rich


* Clear bad luck and debts

* Helps to pass exams & interviews

* Financial & debt issues

* Win business contracts and tenders

* See enemies in the mirror

* Boost your business,music talent or political career

* Job promotions & bring back stolen property

* Win gambling activities like lottery, casino & power-ball

* Speed up money claims spell, delayed pension, IMF & accident   funds

* Chase away bad luck & Tikoloshe

* Personal problems, women problems like pregnancy issues


* Attract customers to your business & turn your trade into favorite.

* Win divorce cases, lotto, casino & any brain game.

* Extreme protection for those who are doing dangerous jobs like security guards, bank managers, cash transporters etc. Teachers,Nurses,Soldiers,Police officers,company workers are welcome

* Guarantee that you're loved & trusted by your colleges, boss, husband, wife, in-laws, friends and many more.

* Are you fired & you want your job back?

* Helps you to get inheritance you desire.

* Finishes unfinished work by other healers, pensioners free treatment,


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Psychic healing is being practiced throughout the whole word by people who possess spiritual powers to look far through human being lives. I do utilize my psychic powers to provide psychic healing through a trance

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Its everyone's desire to win the lottery, some says its luck well Dr. Annika is here to take the guess work out of winning lotto using his powerful lotto winning money spells.